According to Volkswagen's official press release,"the CrossBlue would flesh out the Volkswagen SUV lineup with a seven-seat midsize crossover that slots in above the Tiguan and below the premium Touareg." It sounds like a good idea, especially since the thing managed to get a very impressive 35 mpg from its plug-in diesel-electric hybrid powertrain that still sends the vehicle to 60 mph in a quick 7.2 seconds. 305 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque will do that. It's a little weird that it's built on the compact Golf's platform, but if the Golf can pull a Bruce Banner this well we won't complain. 

The real problem is that this "seven-seater" appears to only have six seats. In the rest of the press release it's referred to as having "six individual seats." Eventually, buried deep within the voluminous 2,620 word document, we found one lone mention of a future option, where the middle two seats can be replaced with a three seat bench. While we think this is a great option, we think it's a little ridiculous to bill it as a seven-seater and only show it with six seats.

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[via Volkswagen