This whole thing is weird. The national media pulled a fast one on us like they so often do. Notre Dame's Manti Te'o had an inspiring story. In a matter of hours during the month of September, his grandmother died and then his girlfriend, Lennay Kekua, passed away from leukemia. This after she had recovered from a horrendous car crash in California. After receiving this tragic news, Te'o went out and recorded 12 tackles versus Michigan State and pulled off a 20-3 upset. But the part about his girlfriend was all a lie. A lie we tell you! She doesn't exist. The pictures floating around the 'net and shown by multiple news outlets are of another girl not named Lennay Kekua. The most despicable part is, it seems like Manti, his parents, and Notre Dame were in on it. Just another reason to hate all that is Notre Dame.

Check Deadspin's eye-opening investigative report on the timeline of Te'o's and Kekua's so-called relationship.

[via Deadspin]

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