Are you up on Ole Miss guard Marshall Henderson yet? If not, do yourself a favor and GET FAMILIAR. Yesterday, Deadspin ran a piece breaking down who he is and where he came from. But, in order to truly appreciate all that is Marshall Henderson, just check out what he did during a game against Kentucky earlier tonight in the video above.

After a fan who was reportedly sitting in the Ole Miss student section threw a piece of ice onto the floor, Henderson went and picked it up. But, he didn't take it back to the bench, hand it off to an assistant coach, or give it to a referee. Nooooooo. Instead, Henderson picked it up, wound up, and then flung it right back into the student section. HIS OWN STUDENT SECTION! It was uncalled for. It was dangerous. And, it was, well, kind of awesome because it came out of nowhere.

Then again, would you really expect anything less from a kid who did this after hitting a couple of game-clinching free throws against Auburn on Saturday?

Keep an eye on this guy!

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[via Larry Brown Sports]