Years Played: 1995-2011
Teams: Carolina Panthers, New Orleans Saints, New York Giants, Oakland Raiders, Tennessee Titans, Indianapolis Colts
Super Bowl Stats: SB XXXV: 15-39, 112 YDS, 0 TD, 4 INT
Career Stats: Record: 81-99-0, 73.8 QBR, 40,922 YDS, 208 TD, 196 INT

A sub-par career record to go along with sub-par career performances, Kerry Collins showed us anything is possible when he managed to take the Giants to Super Bowl XXXV against the Baltimore Ravens. That season Collins racked up the most touchdowns of his career with 22, but he couldn't stop the Giants from getting pummeled 34-7 to the Ray Lewis-led Baltimore Ravens. All you need to know about Kerry Collins is, following his Super Bowl run in '00, he set an NFL record with 23 fumbles the following season. 'Nuff said.