If you follow sports web sites—or just hate Skip Bayless—then you've no doubt come across the site Awful Announcing in the past. Started back in 2006 as "a place where people could bitch and moan about whatever network/announcer they disagreed with/couldn't stand," the site routinely features video clips of sports announcers, analysts, and talking heads saying and doing ridiculous things (thus, why Bayless is frequently mentioned on the site). But, it seems that someone out there is not a fan of AA.

Earlier today, a hacker that goes by the name GHOST AL-RAFIDAIN took over the Awful Announcing site. Why? Well, that's still TBD (we're looking into it). But, for the time being, Awful Announcing is staying active on Twitter by posting updates on the hack job and offering up some hilarious theories as to who was behind the hacking. They're also retweeting theories sent in from their readers and providing commentary on the crazy song that's currently playing on the AA home page.

Check out some of the funniest tweets above in the thumbs gallery. And, make sure you peep the song that's playing on the hacked site right now, too. Fire, right?

UPDATE: We were able to touch base with Ben Koo—the CEO of Bloguin, which is the social media platform that hosts Awful Announcing as well as more than 175 other sites—a little while ago. He offered up this statement to us. "Awful Announcing and a handful of other Bloguin sites were targeted by a political activist group," he said in an email sent to Complex. "We're hearing that they were making a statement about ESPN's First Take not being syndicated abroad. It looks as if the hackers found a vulnerability on a dormant site on the same server [as Awful Announcing] and from there, after much mustache-twisting, decided to hack Awful Announcing [and] other highly trafficked sites. These hackers are good, but I wouldn't say they are elite." So, Skip Bayless really was the cause of all this?! Ha. Doubt it. But, at any rate, the Awful Announcing site is up and running again.

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