We bemoaned the absence of the old 6.2L naturally aspirated V8 when we reviewed the CLS63 AMG back in July. Honestly, it was the only thing we could find to complain about, which speaks volumes about AMG's vehicles. 

The C63 AMG is the last hold-out for our beloved and berzerk 6.2L, and now we've been informed that it will soon be replaced with a 4.0L twin turbo unit, that may eventually make its was through the entire AMG lineup. The engine is going to be, in essence, two of the upcoming A45 AMG's 2.0L in-line fours that have been glued together. Since the A45 is expected to make around 300 horses, we're not surprised to hear that it will make between 460hp and 590hp depending on the car it gets slotted into.

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[via Car & Driver]