The other day we posted a gallery of 25 gorgeous photos of the Mercedes-Benz SLS. In purely coincidental timing, custom tuners mcchip released a new SLS, as if to say, "We can do better than all of those." The program is called the MC700, indicating its full power potential of 706 horsepower.

The tuning kits come in three stages. Stage 2 has a supercharger, a  KW suspension system, and a mechanically driven compressor. Stage 3, which puts out 680 horses has those, an ECU upgrade, and a sport exhuast system with valve control. Stage 4 gives you an even tougher ECU tune and upgraded catalytic converters, juicing the total to 706 and 583 lb.ft. of torque. Paired with its red and black sheme and gullwing doors, this seems like the perfect ride for a high-flying, quick-handling powerhouse on his comeback trail. Say ... Derrick Rose maybe? 

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[via Zercustoms]