Working with your spouse can be taxing on your relationship. Especially when that job requires your wife to powerbomb you on pay-per-view. Think about that. The two of you are in a fight over the TiVo and the only way you know how to "settle the score" is by smashing a folding chair over your husband's head. How can anyone expect that marriage to last? 

The fairytale love affair between Sable (Renae Lesnar) and "Wildman" Marc Mero began in 1993. By 2006, the couple's marriage had gone the way of the WWF, but not before a few bizarre highlights. After distracting his wife during an "Evening Gown" match with Luna, Mero was kicked in the nuts by Sable and dazed with a "Sable bomb." At SummerSlam, Sable continued the emasculating of "Wildman" by defeating Mero and "his new manager" Jaqueline in a tag team match.

Fun Fact: Sable is currently married to former UFC Heavyweight Champion and WWE wrestler Brock Lesnar.