Remember your last break-up? She had your season one of Breaking Bad. You borrowed her Blu-ray copy of Dark Knight Rises. And the two of you had to arrange a time and place to exchange property? The McCourt's divorce was kind of like that, only instead of DVDs and a couple's gym membership, they had to divide up the Los Angeles Dodgers and a half dozen mansions. Break-ups can be complicated.

In a showy divorce proceeding befitting of its Hollywood setting, Jamie was accused of having an affair with her driver and bodyguard, going to France with the aforementioned boy toy, and then billing the Dodgers for her vacation. Frank was accused of understating his worth, the value of the ball club, and running the franchise into the ground. Ultimately, Frank unloaded the team for two billion dollars while Jamie receives $989,000 a month for "living expenses" along with four homes. And you get your Breaking Bad box set back. Everyone's a winner.