Sports celebrations—like Internet speed and white rappers—have made an incredible improvement over the course of a generation. Twenty years ago today, Cowboys defensive linemen Leon Lett infamously fumbled the ball while showboating his way to the end zone during Super Bowl XXVII. The Buffalo Bills' Don Beebe's swat resulted in a touchback and secured Lett's place in the Sports Fails Hall of Fame.

The notorious gaffe is a hilarious reminder of how lame sports used to be back when, you know, guys didn't land a back flip for making a free throw or bust out "The Dougie" after a six-yard run. But with innovations like disrespectful showboating and slam dunk facials, you also get the occasional slip-up.  In honor of Lett's blunder, check out the 25 Biggest Celebration Fails of All Time.

Written by Sean Evans (@seanseaevans)

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