For as long as there have been world-class male athletes, there have been the women who get involved with them. They're not always known by name or publicly scrutinized, but lurking just behind all good (and many not so good) athletes have been the women who loved the players, their wallets, or frequently both.

They are the wives and girlfriends, known commonly as WAGs, of sports. While the term used to apply strictly to European footballers’ significant others, the term has made its way across the Atlantic, and is now frequently attributed to ladies involved with American athletes well.

They have become a major part of today’s sporting culture. As we have seen with women ranging from Gisele Bundchen to Jessica Simpson, a WAG can say so much about an athlete that other statistics never could.

But who are the best ever? Who have stood the test of time and risen above the fray to be recognized as the top of the WAG food chain? Let’s take a look at the 100 hottest WAGs of all time.

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