You didn't really think we'd heard the last of the Manti Te'o hoax, did you? Tomorrow, the first part of a two-part interview that Dr. Phil McGraw had with Ronaiah Tuiasosopo recently will air on the Dr. Phil Show. And, in a clip of the interview that was shown on NBC's Today show early this morning, Tuiasosopo admits that he carried out the hoax and created the identity of Lennay Kekua because he was actually in love with Te'o and thought that he was in a romantic relationship with him.

"There were many times when Manti and Lennay have broken up," Tuiasosopo says in the interview, "but something would bring them back together, whether it was something going on in his life or Lennay's life or in this case my life."

McGraw also spoke on the Today show and talked about what Tuiasosopo was going through when he carried out the hoax.

"Here we have a young man that fell deeply, romantically in love," he said. "I asked him straight up, 'Was this a romantic relationship with you?' And he says yes. I said, 'Are you then therefore gay?' And he said, 'When you put it that way, yes.' And then he caught himself and said, 'I am confused.'"

We're confused, too. With every new detail that continues to come out of this hoax, we are more and more confused. If this is what's being shown in the preview of the Tuiasosopo interview, what else is going to come to light when it airs tomorrow?!

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