Every year, there are a ton of players on the losing Super Bowl team who get the chance to touch the Lombardi Trophy. How? Well, before the big game, CBS asks players from both teams to do interviews with the trophy in order to talk about what it would mean to them to win one. It's pretty standard procedure, and it gives CBS some footage to roll out during breaks on Super Bowl Sunday.

Things got done a little bit differently this year, though. According to a CBS Associate Director who was on the set of the Ravens pre-Super Bowl interviews in Baltimore this week, Ray Lewis wanted no part of the Lombardi Trophy when CBS producers tried to incorporate it into the Ravens interviews. In fact, he asked for it to be removed from the space when he was interviewed and asked all of his teammates to turn down the chance to hold the trophy, too. He wanted them to wait until they'd actually earned it to get their hands on it. And, because he requested it, it sounds like they all obliged.

"If it happens, then I'll take a picture with it," Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith said. "I don't want to jinx it. That seems like a jinx."

A jinx and a crime against Ray Lewis. Yeah, we wouldn't want any part of that, either.

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[via Shutdown Corner]