Let's have a quick flashback to Week 14, where the Redskins won against the Ravens. When Robert Griffin III got popped by Haloti Ngata, a lot of us were pretty surprised when Griffin only took one play off before returning to the field for another four plays. It turns out team doctor Dr. James Andrews was just as surprised as us.

Wait a second. Didn't Mike Shanahan say the doctor actually cleared RGIII to play when the coach was asked about his decision to put him back in the game?

"He's on the sidelines with Dr. Andrews. He had a chance to look at him and he said he could go back in," Shanahan said Dec. 10. "(I said) 'Hey, Dr. Andrews, can Robert go back in?'

'Yeah, he can go back in.'

'Robert, go back in.'

"That was it,."

Welp, he lied. Dr. Andrews didn't clear RGIII to go back on the field"(Griffin) didn't even let us look at him," he said. "He came off the field, walked through the sidelines, circled back through the players and took off back to the field. It wasn't our opinion. We didn't even get to touch him or talk to him. Scared the hell out of me."

Plus, Dr. Andrews is still not entirely comfortable with Griffin playing even though he'll be playing with a knee brace. He said he's a "nervous wreck letting him come back as quick as he has. He's doing a lot better this week, but he's still recovering and I'm holding my breath because of it." 

Yikes. You can argue whether it was too risky to let Griffin back in against his determination to play. But at least we know what's the main priority over at Washington: winning.

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[via USA Today]