Earlier this week, news broke that the first 2014 Chevrolet Corvette off the production line was going to be auctioned off for charity. At the time, we thought that it would easily be the biggest attraction at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale. Then we remembered the original Batmobile from the '60s TV show was going to be there

The famous black and orange car with custom superhero body work is expected to get up to $5,000,000. Surprisingly, that wouldn't even break into our list of the 15 most expensive cars that ever sold at actions

Other amazing cars that will drive across the auction stage this weekend include a 1972 Stutz Black Hawk, a 1939 Cadillac La Salle C-Hawk Custom, a 1937 Cord 82 Phaeton, and a semi truck that has been dressed to look like an enormous traffic-eating dragon. 

Catch the live stream of the auction on SPEED TV HERE

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[via Barrett-Jackson]

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