If you followed the New York Jets' terrible 2012-13 season, you had to be wondering to yourself, why the hell did they go after Tim Tebow and just never use him? A couple Wildcat plays here and there, along with plenty of special teams work because, you know, the Jets sucked offensively all season long. Hell, even Kate Upton noticed. Well, according to Mike Garafolo of USA Today Sports, Gang Green had some very, very interesting plans for Tebow.   

The Jets had visions of lining up Tebow at running back in traditional sets when they acquired him via trade from the Denver Broncos last March, according to a person with knowledge of the team's plans at the time of the trade. The person, who spoke to USA TODAY Sports on condition of anonymity because the Jets didn't divulge that plan, said it involved more than the shotgun look and was intended to "give (Tebow) the ball and play at times just like (Shonn) Greene and (Bilal) Powell" were used.

Later, Garafolo added that the idea of Tebow at tailback could've been "an integral part of their game plans." Supposedly, Rex Ryan really wanted to make that happen but offensive coordinator Tony Sparano never let it come to light, which could be one of the many reasons why he was fired on Monday.

With Ryan still a member of the coaching staff and Tebow, as of right now, still on the team's roster, there remains the possibility of the 25-year-old lining up as a back next season. However, that all depends on what the next Jets general manager and the rest of the organization plans on doing with Touchdown Timmy during the offseason.   

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