My Skid Row Tattoo truck is a 1937 Dodge Brothers. This is my Tattoo shop advertising truck. These trucks were originally intended for commercial and farm use; parts were taken off of the high end sedans from the same era—the turn signals, visors, white walls, and side mounts. From there, each truck has it’s own theme.

The custom trend is going in the direction of older pre-war bomb trucks, so I picked up a ’37 that was in decent condition but the style had the old barn look and the 15-year-old paint job was fading. First on my list was lowering the truck the old school way. Then, the paint was wet sanded smooth and recleared. I collaborated with Danny D on the lettering on the doors and bed advertising, both reading Skid Row Tattoo. I added several accessories, including the artillery Firestone whitewalls, fog lights, wood bed rails, and visor. I converted the truck to 12 vaults too. Sounds provided by Rockford Fosgate.