It's no secret that most celebrities hate MediaTakeOut. But, very few of them go completely out of their way to call the site out like Metta World Peace just did.

Earlier today, the gossip site posted a story about World Peace and indicated that his Asian girlfriend "Shin Shin" who he "dumped his wife for" a couple years ago (their words, not ours, Ron-Ron!) is pregnant. And, World Peace took to his Twitter account almost immediately after it went up to shut down the MediaTakeOut rumor and to call out both MTO and their sponsors in a couple of since-deleted tweets:

Shortly after World Peace sent out those tweets, MTO changed the headline of their story to "Ron 'METTA WORLD PEACE' Girlfriend is NOT Pregnant!!!" But, not before World Peace sent out some more tweets and created a hashtag in order to try and find a lawyer to help him sue MTO:

Oh, World Peace. Have we mentioned how much we love it when you do batshit crazy stuff like this?! KEEP IT UP!

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[via Business Insider]