Sounds like somebody isn't going to get an offer from Mark Cuban on Shark Tank this week. Yesterday, we told you about how Cubes criticized the NBA officials in a tweet last weekend after he witnessed several bad calls made by the refs during Mavericks game last week. And, we wondered how much Cuban—who has been fined more than $1 million over the course of the last 13 years for being critical of NBA refs—would be docked for his tweet. But, as it turns out, he got off fairly cheap. The NBA just handed him a fine of "only" $50,000, which is basically, like, the equivalent of a couple nickels in Cuban's world. So, all he needs to do now is resist the urge to pay $50,000 for two percent of a company that makes automatic sloppy joe machines on Shark Tank this week and he'll be just fine.

[via Pro Basketball Talk]