In the 13 years that Mark Cuban has owned the Dallas Mavericks, he's paid well over $1 million in fines to the NBA for ripping their officials. Time and time again, he's criticized the league's referees for doing a poor job during games that he's attended. He's said that it's his mission to get them to officiate games better. And, it sounds like he's not going to give up that mission anytime soon.

Over the weekend, Cubes took to his Twitter account to protest some of the calls that he's seen made during Mavs games in the last week. And, he asked his followers what he should do in order to expedite the process of improving the NBA's officiating:

He got some really great responses from people—shout out to the guy who suggested that Cuban should "get [the referees] laid. they look too uptight these days"—but, in the end, the best response is probably going to be the one that comes from NBA Commissioner David Stern. We can't wait to hear it.

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[via Sports Illustrated]