Ten days ago, we told about how Manny Pacquiao was reportedly thinking about participating in a boxing match outside of the U.S. sometime in April. Now, it sounds like that's becoming more and more of a possibility thanks to an unofficial offer that he just received. According to his trainer Freddie Roach, Pacman has a deal on the table that would pay him $10 million to fight in Dubai in April despite the fact that he's still banned from boxing in the U.S.

"I got a phone call from someone in Dubai on Monday, who offered $10 million for Manny to fight there in April," Roach said recently. "A place like Dubai for a fight could be great. It's a great location for pay-per-view and TV networks and it would be seen worldwide. There would definitely be a lot of interest for a fight to take place there so it has the potential to be a great event. But I told him to call Bob Arum because I don't make his fights; I just get him ready."

That brings up an interesting question, though. Is Pacquiao really ready to fight again? We highly doubt it. There's no way he's fully recovered from that knockout punch Juan Manuel Marquez delivered. But, regardless, it sounds like Pacquiao is going to be fighting somewhere in April. So, stay tuned for the details.

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[via ESPN]