Date: November 30, 2012

In these hyper-attentive tabloid days, a clique consisting of trustworthy, down-to-ride, won't-sell-damaging-pics-to-the-paps members is priceless. At least, so we think. Lindsay Lohan disagrees.

After at least trying to take the fall for the aforementioned summertime crash on the PCH, and then bailing his friend-boss out that morning after she was done doling out right hooks in NYC nightclubs, Linds thanked her faithful assistant Gavin Doyle by shunning him from her escape vehicle as the paparazzi swarmed on the precinct steps.

In this video, she can be heard frantically forbidding him from entering the whip, sacrificing him to the hungry paps and reporters. "OK. Never speak to me again," said the poor beleaguered assistant as he threw his jacket over his head to escape the camera flashes, and began the long, cold, early morning walk. Home? Hotel? Who knows.