Lindsay Lohan is not entering the new year sans worries like your favorite rapping Martian. The child actress turned teen star turned perennial fuck-up and tabloid magnet is up to her old tricks. She's always on your favorite blog's headlines for one reason or another, but for a few years leading up to 2012 she'd managed to at least put a lid on the vehicular nonsense.

Fast forward to the first month of 2013, and she's doing shitty Lifetime movies, upper-cutting women in nightclubs, and once again facing jail time because of some fuckery behind the wheel. While we await the results of her January 15 hearing, Complex has compiled the comprehensive history of all of the Mean Girl's notorious, specifically vehicle-related bad behavior. Read on for Lindsay Lohan's Most Infamous Car Moments.

Written by Frazier Tharpe (@The_SummerMan)