Last night, the NBA announced the All-Star reserves for the 2013 NBA All-Star Game, which will be played on February 17 in Houston. And, as you'd expect, there were a whole lot of people who were upset when their favorite players got "snubbed" and didn't get selected for this year's teams. They took to their Twitter accounts and argued that guys like Stephen Curry, Jamal Crawford, and Brook Lopez should have been selected. But, there's one obvious problem with that: When you look at the teams as they stand now, there are other guys who would be getting snubbed if they were taken off the team in favor of one of the guys we just mentioned. There simply aren't enough spots for everyone.

LeBron James has a solution for that, though. To avoid snubbing guys in the future, he wants the NBA to expand the All-Star rosters to accommodate all those players who are deserving of a spot:

In theory, we agree with LeBron. But, even if the rosters were expanded to 15 guys on each team, players are going to get snubbed. And, then what?

Plus, it'll water down the game and force All-Star coaches to try and find time for everyone to play. So, we just don't see the rosters expanding anytime soon. Sorry, 'Bron.

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