On Monday, Lance Armstrong will sit down at his home in Texas with Oprah Winfrey and, according to USA Today, he will confess to doping throughout his cycling career. For a while now, there have been grumblings about Armstrong possibly fessing up to his rumored use of performance enhancing drugs and blood transfusions and that same buzz reached a fever pitch when the 7-time Tour de France winner agreed to an interview with Oprah out of seemingly nowhere. 

Of course, a confession by Lance won't come with its fair share of legal backlash. As USA Today reports, the 41-year-old could run "the risk of being sued or held liable by those who believe he defrauded them by lying about his performance and use of drugs. He also could face criminal prosecution, though that seems unlikely." Either way, after Armstrong was banned from cycling for life and stripped of his seven Tour titles, there's only so low a man of inspiration, who was once beloved by others, can go.   

The interview is scheduled to air Thursday on the Oprah Winfrey Network.  

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