When: 1/22/2006

The five best rappers of all time? Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, and Dylan. The top five single-game scorers of all time? Wilt, Wilt, Wilt, Wilt, and another guy named Dave Thompson. Well, that is until one fateful night in January 2006. That night Kobe Bryant blacked out and dropped 81 points in a game against the Toronto Raptors. Yes, it was against the Raptors. That being said, he still dominated the entire team of basketball mortals and one dinosaur disguised as an NBA player. Haters will then use another excuse and say, "Well he dropped 81, but how many shots did he take? He probably shot something like 30 percent from the field." Try 60 percent, fam. The Black Mamba went 28 for 46 from the field and shot a ridiculous 53 percent from behind the arch. *cues the soundtrack*