There were a lot of SMH moments this weekend: Northern Illinois, LeSean McCoy, Movie 43. The news involving Sherra Robinson Wright, the ex-wife of the deceased NBA player Lorenzen Wright, is up there with those moments. It was revealed that she managed to spend $1 million of the life insurance payout in 10 months. Expenses include: $32,000 for a Cadillac Escalade, $227 for a dinner and a movie, $34,000 on lawyers, $339,000 to buy and renovate a house, $11,750 on a trip to New York, $26,000 for a Lexus, $5,000 for lawn equipment, $69,000 on furniture, and $7,100 on a new swimming pool, according to Commercial Appeal.

No word yet if she saved any of the payout for her six kids, though. Lorenzen's family is planning on taking Sherra to court because of her misuse of the money.

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[via Black Sports Online]