Last December, we learned about the tragic murder-suicide of Jovan Belcher and his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins and all the tragic details around it. Now those associated with the couple are in a new drama: child custody. Belcher's mother Cheryl Shepherd, who had been living with the couple for two weeks at the time of the shooting, had temporary custody over the linebacker's daughter, Zoey Belcher, after the shootings and asked to be named her guardian and the conservator of her estate, according to ESPN.

Zoey's maternal grandparents, Rebecca Anne Gonzalez and Darryl Perkins, aren't too keen on that. They, along with other relatives in Texas, are contesting Zoey's custody and claiming to be the legal guardians.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of money is involved in this pending battle. The article says, "Zoey's estate or guardian will receive more than $1 million under terms of the NFL's collective bargaining agreement, including $108,000 annually over the next four years, $48,000 in the fifth year and $52,000 each year until she turns 18. She can keep receiving that amount until she is 23 if she attends college." Belcher's beneficiary will also receive, "$600,000 in life insurance, plus $200,000 for each credited season-Belcher was in his fourth season at the time of his death-and $100,000 in a retirement account." There's also money coming in from the trust funded by the Hunt family (who owns the Chiefs).

That's a lot of digits, and hopefully, the well-being of the child doesn't get lost in between them.

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