Once you own a Chevrolet Volt, the amount of money you spend on gas is significantly lower. However, it's the price tag that comes with purchasing the Volt in the first place that many have complained about. Despite help from government discounts, the initial $39,145 starting sticker is much higher than the amount the average person is willing to invest. General Motors North America President Mark Reuss recently addressed the future of the company, electric cars, and the Volt specifically. 

In a story with Automotive News, Ruess referenced the volt saying, "It's going to sell even more and the next generation will be even better." He also said that, thanks to more efficient design of the battery pack and electric motors, the next generation will cost "thousands of dollars left." 

“We will see the day when we have an affordable electric car that offers 300 miles of range with all the comfort and utility of a conventional vehicle," Ruess said. Get the full story here.  

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[via Automotive News]

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