Gazoo Racing Honors the Toyota Supra With the GRMN Sports FR Concept PLATINUM

Hey Toyota, take note.

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Ohhh Toyotttaaaaa, you hear that sound? That's the gentle murmur that's slowly starting to turn into a steady rumble of questions about the upcoming Supra. You've supposedly confirmed that there's a possible electric successor coming, so you better start preparing some legit details. Gazoo Racing was so excited about the thought that they just went ahead and built a new one without your help. The car you see above and below, the GRMN Sports FR Concept PLATINUM, is based on the Toyota GT86 and has been fitted to look like an updated version of the cult car. 

The car has been completely altered, with a new face, new headlamps, new tail lights, a mega wing, side inlets, and 18-inch Vossen wheels. As far as performance upgrades go, the car benefits from both a turbo AND a supercharger, a sport exhaust system, an upgraded braking system and lowered suspension. This is how we feel about this car. 

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[via Gazoo Racing]

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