Happy Friday! Are you ready to make it even happier? Recently, we were scouring the Internet once again looking for photos of hot MMA chicks (as we're known to do!) and we came across a bunch of stunning images of MMA ring girl Felixia Yeap. We were going to keep them all for ourselves (as we're also know to do!) but, rather than deprive our faithful readers, we decided to go ahead and share them. This girl is a professional model, a former Playboy bunny, a blogger, a self-proclaimed mermaid (awesome!), and, as we mentioned, a new ring girl for ONE FC. And, oh yeah, just in case you haven't already noticed, she's also really, really hot.

Click through the thumbs gallery above to see what we mean. And, before you even say anything, we just want to say…You're welcome. We couldn't do what we do without it. So, consider this a thank you gift from us.

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[via Cage Potato]

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