Fiat-Chrysler gave a presentation to its investors recently, and that always means that some interesting facts are going to slip out. Apart from having turned a healthy $1.7 Billion net profit in 2012, the presentation also included a revised product plan. Here it is, by brand, in alphabetical order:

Alfa Romeo

  • The anxiously awaited 4C will drop this year.
  • in 2015 four new models will drop. We're assuming the 3-Series fighting sedan and something based on this crossover concept will be on that list.
  • There will be one more new Alfa in 2016.


  • The 300 will get refreshed in 2014
  • There will be three new models in 2015, we're guessing a new 200, and a new Town & Country will be two of them. 


  • Something is getting refreshed this year. 
  • Two refreshes for 2014, probably the Charger and Challenger.
  • A refresh and a new car for 2015.
  • One more new car in 2016.


  • The 500L crossover is dropping this year.
  • Six new models will drop in 2015. Some of these have to be 500 variants.
  • One new model in 2016.





  • The new Jeep Liberty will drop this year, along with a refreshed Compass and Grand Cherokee.
  • We'll see a new model in 2014, probably the Fiat-based Patriot.
  • Two new models in 2015.
  • Two new models and one refreshed model in 2016.


  • Some sort of new model is due out next year.
  • There will be a refresh in 2015, probably of the 1500.
  • Two new models in 2016.


  • Three refreshed models in 2014, probably the Charger, Challenger, and 300
  • One refresh in 2015.
  • A new model, probably bearing the Barracuda nameplate ad going up against the Mustang and Camaro, will debut in 2016.

That's what to expect... we'll have plenty to write about.

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[via Chrysler]