WTF is wrong with people? No, really…

Over the course of the last year, Jemele Hill has become a jack of all trades at ESPN. Although she's held down a column on for the last six years or so, she's branched out and taken on a lot more work in recent times. From manning the desk on ESPN First Take to working the sidelines as a college football sideline reporter, she's done a little bit of everything for the Worldwide Leader in Sports. And, apparently, not everyone likes it.

Earlier today, Hill tweeted out a photo of a handwritten letter that she received recently after she filled in for Colin Cowherd on The Herd. And, it's one of the most disgusting, racist, hate-filled letters you'll ever read. Check out a photo of the letter below:

We're sure it's not the only racist letter Hill has ever received (in fact, she mentioned that it's just one of the many that she receives on a regular basis) but, because she chose to share it with the world, it sounds like it's probably one of the worst.

Now, can anyone answer the question we posed in the first sentence of this post? Anyone at all?

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[via Jemele Hill]