Today's NBA isn't exactly a league for the oldheads. Just ask the struggling Boston Celtics or the Los Angeles Lakers. Los Angeles came into this season with reasonably high expectations, but at this point it's clear life is hard in Lake City. Kobe Bryant himself said one of the reasons his team isn't so hot is because its "old as shit." But can Los Angeles find that fountain of youth and kick it up a notch? Is the Lake City Struggle just a stop on the road to a championship?

Well, no, according to Charles Barkley. Sir Charles visited Dan Lebatard's Radio Show and pretty much played a Debby Downer to Lakers fans' hopes and dreams while sharing his opinions on the Clippers“None. Zero. Zero chance. I think Oklahoma City, Memphis and the Spurs are the three best teams in the West. I still have my concerns. Everybody is on the Clippers’ bandwagon. I don’t like their half-court offense. I don’t like their free throw shooting. I love Chris Paul. I said it for years. I thought Jason Kidd was the best leader in the NBA. I passed that mantle, in my personal opinion, to Chris Paul, but I don’t like their half-court offense.”

Point taken, Sir Charles. But if the Lakers still have the Black Mamba, they surely have at least an .0000001 percent chance, right?

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]