Carmelo Anthony wants his money. Although he accepted the one-game suspension that the NBA gave to him after he confronted Kevin Garnett after a Celtics/Knicks game earlier this month, 'Melo still wants to be paid the $176,000 that he would have earned if he hadn't been suspended for the game. Therefore, the NBA Players Association has filed an appeal on his behalf in order for him to try and reclaim the money that he lost as a result of his argument with KG.

"In light of the circumstances that it was not a physical confrontation, the suspension seemed excessive," NBAPA lead attorney Ron Klempner told the New York Post.

A ruling is pending. It could be tricky for 'Melo to recover his money, seeing as how he already served the suspension. But, $176,000 isn't exactly chump change—even to an NBA superstar—so we don't blame him for trying to get it back.

(Oh, and just in case you forgot: The Knicks and Celtics play tonight for the first time since the 'Melo/KG confrontation. Make sure you're tuned in!)

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[via New York Post]