When the average person thinks about the Ravens' defense, they think about Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, and Terrell Suggs. This New York Times article is going to have us thinking about Bernard Pollard in another light though.

There's at least four essential facts about the guy: he talks very, very loudly ("Ryan Moats, a former running back who was a teammate of Pollard’s on the Houston Texans, said Pollard’s primary mode of self-expression was yelling — not because he is angry, but because this apparently is the only way he knows how to communicate."), takes his defense extremely seriously ("If I came to your house with the doors locked, and I just kicked it down and tried to steal stuff, you’re going to defend your house, right? So that’s the stand I take."), scares the crap out of reporters just because (“I’m going to use my fist on you!” he said. Then he smiled. “I’m joking, man. Don’t sue me.”), and prefers doing interviews in the nude. And that's "nude" as in the dude just doesn't like wearing pants, according to the article:

Pollard’s confidence reveals itself in the locker room, where he has no qualms about being naked. He will conduct full interviews in the nude. Pants are the enemy. When local journalists gave Pollard their “good guy” award after the 2011 season for being accommodating, they presented him with a pair of boxer shorts, in the hope that he would wear them. His own teammates have encouraged him to use a towel or two.

Different strokes for different folks, we guess. At least Pollard wears the pants on the field though. Shout outs to Stevan Ridley.

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