Baseball players suffer some of the weirdest injuries in the world. Last season alone, Hanley Ramirez cut his hand after punching an electric fan in the Marlins dugout, Mark DeRosa aggravated a left oblique strain after giving Nationals teammate Bryce Harper a high five, and Joba Chamberlain dislocated his elbow while playing on a trampoline. And, if the story we're about to tell you is any indication, those weird injuries are going to continue this season, too.

Late yesterday, FOX Sports reported that free-agent MLB pitcher Carl Pavano, who spent last season with the Twins, ruptured his spleen recently. But, he didn't do it while working out his arm or lifting weights. No, no. Instead, Pavano ruptured his spleen while he was shoveling snow that had accumulated in his driveway at his home in Vermont. It seems he slipped and fell while he was shoveling, and the result of the fall was a ruptured spleen. He will now have to spend the next six to eight weeks recovering from the accident.

What a ridiculous way to end up on the disabled list.

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[via FOX Sports]