It can be really annoying when you're trying to enjoy a couple cold ones and watch a football game and someone keeps interrupting you.  Like, really annoying. So, we can sympathize with the way that Dwight Anthony Boyd must have felt on Wednesday night when his drunk girlfriend kept bothering him while he was trying to watch Louisville and Florida play in the Sugar Bowl.

But, we can't cosign his method for trying to get her to stop. After she interrupted him several times, he allegedly told her that, if she bothered him again, he'd throw feces from a portable toilet located in their home at her. That's right—he threatened to pelt her with poop if she didn't knock it off. But, like we said, she'd had a couple drinks herself, so she tried her luck and, as promised, Boyd flipped out and threw feces at her. In addition to throwing the feces, Boyd's girlfriend also says that he hit her and knocked her to the ground. But, he denies that any physical abuse took place.

All this over the damn Sugar Bowl? It was a shitty game anyway. Pun fully intended.

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[via Busted Coverage]