It's no secret that there are some athletes out there who enjoy spending time with adult film stars. Most recently, Rob Gronkowski got caught shacking up with Bibi Jones. And, yet, we're always still surprised when we hear about athletes who can supposedly get any girl they want offering big bucks for the company of a porn star.

Case in point: Yesterday, a former adult film star named Jazmine Cashmere shocked us by taking to her Twitter account to claim that a Los Angeles Clippers player sent her a direct message recently to offer her $10,000 in exchange for a weekend with her. That's right—$10K for 48 hours of time. But, Cashmere, who gave up doing porn a couple years ago, turned it down, and the player in question got mad at her:

So, who was this mystery player? Well, we'll let you offer up some guesses (truthfully, we'd rather not know!). In the meantime, hit the thumbs gallery to peep some more photos of Ms. Cashmere.

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[via Jocks and Stiletto Jill]