BREAKING NEWS: College football players take some of their schools' recruits to the strip club in order to try and get them to come to their schools! Er, okay. So, that's exactly "breaking news" or, really, "news" at all.

But, it is newsworthy when a college football player does it…and then brags about it on Twitter. And, that's exactly what Florida International University defensive back Demarkus Perkins did recently. Apparently, he was one of the FIU players tasked with showing a new recruit a good time at the school. So, he took the recruit to the strip club. And then, for some unexplainable reason, he went ahead and tweeted about it.

Although Perkins does have a private account, it still wasn't the smartest move in the world. And, if the NCAA wanted to, they could probably pursue his tweet to see if FIU was in violation of any NCAA rules or regulations when they allowed one of their players to take a recruit to the strip club. We don't expect them to do that. But, we'd still like to add Perkins' tweets to this list of boneheaded moves that athletes have made on Twitter. When will you guys learn?

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[via Eye On Football]