When I first told my father about the car that I was going to be driving for the holidays, he told me that he was sort of sad not to be picking me up from the airport and getting the first chat on the drive home. He also said that he hoped I wasn't too exhausted from my day of flights and layovers. I knew I would be, so I joked around that the car would probably be able to talk to me and drive me home anyway. Like I said, that was a joke, but the funny part was that the 450 sorta, kinda actually did that.

I already knew the route home, but I wanted to test out the guidance. After getting on the road, I pressed a button and followed the simple instructions of the voice navigation. She asked, I talked, she listened. It was probably the first time I'd experienced a car that understood every single thing I said, without asking to repeat. The line popped up on the map, and I was ready to cruise home with a heated massaging seat to boot.