Backing into parking spots and driveways is something I've always done. My dad, whom I learned to drive from, always did it, so I followed suit and have found it makes my life that much easier. Up until the GL, I had really only seen and experienced rearview cameras, so when I began backing into our long suburban Indiana driveway, I literallly stomped on the brakes and looked in fascination when an overhead image of the SUV, tightly fit between my front yard and my neighbor's, popped up.

Like an idiot, my reaction was to look up through the sunroof, expecting to see a giant camera spying on me. "No Tony, those are just the 360-view cameras you read about," I had to remind myself in a Ted Mosby moment. They give you a 100 percent surround look at the vehicle, allowing you to rest easy that you're not running over grass, are staying inside the lines, or are close enough to the curb. And that's all without even turning your neck.