If you want to know what the automotive industry will look like in 10, 20 years, you should be studying every detail of the concept cars that are coming out today. Concepts are basically the crystal balls for cars. Manufacturers, though sometimes exercising examples of what they love, are always thinking forward, when creating their concepts. Many of the styling cues and rare technologies might seem ridiculous at the time, but these companies do have some hopes of potentially incorporating them in their lineups in the future.

We also see ideas and renderings from individuals, whether they be students at design school or professional graphic artists. Either way, concept cars are always the most intriguing, fantasy-inducing, and head-shaking vehicles at shows. We took the path that only a few people have shoved their way through and found some cars that have gone under the radar. Check out these industry-shaping rides with 25 Game-Changing Concept Cars You've Never Heard of.  

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