Last night, NBA commissioner David Stern hit the San Antonio Spurs with $250,000 fine for benching four of their star players. It should be interesting to see what Stern will do to the Spurs' Tim Duncan and Tony Parker for a picture that leaked yesterday of both guys holding guns to the face of a person dressed up as referee Joey Crawford on Halloween.

For those that don't know, Duncan's disdain towards Crawford stems from a 2007 incident during a game against the Dallas Mavericks where the ref gave Timmy a second technical for laughing on the bench. Subsequently, Duncan was ejected from the contest. Afterwards, Crawford supposedly challenged Duncan to a fight which never came to fruition. Since then, the Spurs have never held a soft spot for the 61-year-old NBA referee. 

Peep the thumbs to see the questionable picture. Sidebar: Duncan and Parker look a little too into it. #justsaying    

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