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If you’re like most Americans during the winter months, then you obviously love your football. And with the NFL regular season coming to an end, comes a slew of college football bowl games to keep us warm on those cold nights. College football may be on it’s way to a playoff system—with President Obama’s support no less—but right now we are left with a stocking full of individual, and for the most part seemingly pointless, bowl games. Perhaps the best, and by best, we mean absolute worst part about these games, is the names that are bestowed upon them.

There is no greater display of corporate America than college bowl sponsorships, regardless of how ludicrous they sound. In many ways the bowl season exemplifies everything we love about America: food, football, and most of all, money. So, from the Poulan Weedeater Independence Bowl, to the Tobacco Bowl, we present the Worst College Bowl Names of All Time.

Written by Adam Silvers (@silversurfer103