Earlier this year, Mike Tyson started performing his own one-man show called Undisputed Truth in Las Vegas and New York City. And, it turned out to be a pretty successful venture for Tyson. So, next year, he plans on taking it to other parts of the country as well as other parts of the world. But, in a recent interview with Jim Rome, Iron Mike revealed that Undisputed Truth was not the title he originally wanted to use for the show. His title idea was way more risqué and way more, well, how should we put this? Way more what we'd expect Mike Tyson to call his one-man show.

"Boxing, Bitches, Babies, and Lawsuits [is what I wanted to call it]," Tyson said, "but my wife and attorney just freaked out, you know, because that's so politically incorrect. 'Mike, you're bashing babies like you had babies without planning them. You wish you didn't have your babies.' I said, 'No, I do love my babies. That's all I did all my life. All I did was fight, fornicate, and go to court.' That's all I did! That's all the hell I did! I fought, I fornicated, and I went to court. And, I got sued and went to jail on certain occasions, you know—one occasion, prison. Pretty exciting, but it really sucked on the emotional tip."

Ha! Yeah, that about sums life up, Mike. "Pretty exciting, but it really sucked on the emotional tip." We couldn't have said it any better ourselves.

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[via Larry Brown Sports]