If you buy into stereotypes then the commonly associated positions for Jews in sports aren't quarterback, point guard, or starting pitcher. They're usually something like owner, general manager, and agent. Those who are up on game know that plenty of Jews who have dominated—all right—at least excelled, at various sports throughout history. Some have pitched perfect games, some have coached teams to championships at practically every level, and some have even taken home an NFL MVP. 

So the next time you plan an impromptu game of pick-up basketball in the employee parking lot, you may want to think twice about picking the Jewish dude last—we're just sayin'. The month of December is dominated by Christmas, but before St. Nick comes down the chimney, Chanukkah Harry spreads the gelt around like the Joker rolling through the streets of Gotham. In celebration of the festival of lights, we scoured the annals of history to find the most prolific Jews to ever lace up a pair of kicks, or put on a helmet. From Hammerin' Hank Greenberg, to Red Auerbach, we present the Most Badass Jewish Sports Figures of All Time.

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Written by Adam Silvers (@silversurfer103)