Record: 9 - 0
Finish: No Bowl Appearance
Coach: Joe Kuharich
Best Player: Ollie Matson, Bob St. Clair, Gino Marchetti

To go undefeated, produce 10 NFL players, 5 Pro-Bowlers, and three Hall of Famers will undoubtedly make you a badass. But sticking up for your teammates and fighting against racism secured the '51 Dons' spot on this list. The '51 Dons were invited to play in bowl games that year on one condition: they had to leave their black teammates Burl Toler and Ollie Matson at home. Without thinking about it, the team declined. Turning down those disrespectful invites is how the '51 Dons got the moniker "Undefeated, Untied, Uninvited." Going undefeated and producing great players from your program is badass, but standing up for what's right is legendary.