Record: 8 - 0
Finish: No Bowl Appearance
Coach: John Heisman
Best Player: J.H. Preas 

Bullying is not nice; running up the score is unsportsmanlike. It's important to respect your opponent, show mercy, and...OK, we won't lie, sometimes it's fun to just beat the shit out of somebody. Like 222-0. Georgia Tech coach John Heisman (yup, that's where the trophy gets its name) was mad about something when Tech (then called the Engineers) took on Cumberland College in October of 1916. Mad that Cumberland had run up the score on Tech in a baseball game earlier that year, mad that the rankings of the day were determined by scoring margin—mad about something. Or maybe he just woke up on the wrong side of the bed that morning.

The numbers are mind-boggling: 1,620 yards rushing on 40 attempts with 32 touchdowns for Tech, -96 yards rushing on 27 attempts with nine fumbles for Cumberland. And Tech didn't attempt a pass! Why get fancy when you're putting the bloody gums and missing teeth in the phrase Smash Mouth football?