The past 12 months have been the year of Kate Upton. She' go -- oh, sorry, wrong channel. 2012 has been a fantastic year in the auto industry. Further electric and hybrid innovation is promising amazing things in the future, the mid-sized sedan market is more competitive than it's ever been, mini crossovers are popping out of every manufacturer's ears, and sales have been providing some ease of mind for the first time since the economic dip.

Cars have also been getting more luxurious, more innovative, and more powerful than ever before. The best part? You don't have to go to aftermarket garages to get them. Smaller companies (and some big ones) are constantly competing for the longest-lasting headline with enormous amounts of horsepower or the biggest electric range. We sifted through the curvaceous lines and kilowatts to find the craziest cars of the past 365 days. Here are The 25 Most Outrageous Cars of 2012

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